George Afriyie promises to reveal secret talks with Ghana FA Boss; if he decides to go for re-election Featured
29 Mar

George Afriyie promises to reveal secret talks with Ghana FA Boss; if he decides to go for re-election

The Vice President of the Ghana Football Association has reiterated to uncover private talks he had with his Boss Kwesi Nyantakyi.
In an exclusive interview with Veronica Commey on Ghana's Television, the Okyeman Planners bankroller, George Afriyie disclosed his intention to expose the 1st CAF Vice-President, claimed that he has always been praying for his Boss after Nyantakyi received a text warning him not to appoint the former as his Vice else he will die, and has hinted to go contrary to his 'Mensvic declaration'.
On the subject of the text message, Nyantakyi received George said "someone sent a text message to the President (Nyantakyi) and said, if you appoints George Afriyie as your vice president, you will die."
"The President showed the message to a lot of people who were around. He never showed it to me but the good ones among those he showed it to said, the George we know can not hit a fly nor slaughter a chicken," he added.
"From that time when Nyantakyi appointed me as his vice. Any day I go on my knees to pray, I ask God to let Nyantakyi survive within two years," he weeped.
In March 2018, George  announced his decision to run for the presidential post next year on his 50th birthday party at Mensvic hotel.
George hinted that he might reverse his decision if Nyantakyi decides to go for re-election but he will consult key stakeholders before taking any decision.
"The Ghana FA presidential election  is not life and death. I have declared to contest for the presidency but I can rescind my decision."
"I did a lot of consultations before my declaration. But if he (Nyantakyi) decides to contest in 2019, I will consult those who told me to contest for the position."
Afriyie's declaration generated several concerns in the media that he expressed his presidential ambition too 'early' ahead of the election next year.
But the Vice President sees nothing wrong in his announcement to vie for the position.
"You need to understand everybody and where he's coming from. I don't see any wrong when someone says that he want to be Ghana's president in 2019. I don't know where those people are coming from."
"I heard the President on three different occasions that he won't contest again," he mentioned.
"The truth is that I have had private discussion with the President and I know what he (Nyantakyi) has told me which I would want to keep, except when the President declares to contest again in 2019," George Afriyie cautioned.
By: Augustus Opoku
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