PREVIEW; CONFEDERATIONS CUP - Asante Kotoko SC vs Club Athletic Renaissance Ainglo (CARA) Featured
11 Feb

PREVIEW; CONFEDERATIONS CUP - Asante Kotoko SC vs Club Athletic Renaissance Ainglo (CARA)

Asante Kotoko SC starts their Confederations Cup redemption exercise against Club Athletic Renaissance Ainglo  (CARA) of Congo this afternoon at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium. Better said, a crush of old foes who are very familiar with each other on the African terrain meeting meeting on a countable number of times.
A club who have left a mark-it's not far from right if denoted with an indelible mark-on the African continent, makes it difficult to understand that for the past four years, Asante Kotoko SC have struggled to make it out of the first round of their African Club Competition against "minnows" in African football.
Returning to African again after beating Hearts of Oak in the MTN FA Cup final to get the slot for the Confederations Cup means the time to wake up from their slumbers and start picking up what belong to them in Africa and Asante Kotoko SC will start it against Club Athletic Renaissance Ainglo of Congo at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium. 
For quiet long, Kotoko have not had some wild preparation to any tournament or game than they've had for this afternoon's encounter which makes one to decipher why Asante Kotoko SC have attached everything to this game as if their life depends on it.
After their Barack Young Controllers  (BYC) of Liberia, Eulma and Bejeia of Algeria debacle, Kotoko have had some special preparation to this game which have kept the team in focus and intact so as not to disappoint again in redeeming themselves from their previous failed attempts against minnows in the Africa game.
Asante Kotoko SC have been flushed with so much promises by individuals if they are able to reach the money zone of the competition or win the Confederations Cup which should mount incessant pressure on the playing body to deliver and play beyond their expectation but the captain of the team, Amos Frimpong says the promises are good and tempting but they're looking beyond those promises to discharge their duties in Kumasi before their return trip to Congo which they want it to be a mere academic exercise.
It is important to also look at the qualities and abilities of the CARA club entering into this game as they possess some little advantage over Kotoko having played competitive games in their domestic league winning three games out of three to put them to test as to what they have and can do in this encounter.
Club Athletic Renaissance Ainglo (CARA) scored 66 goals last season in their domestic game which qualified them into this competition with their opponent, Kotoko scoring 56 goals in two seasons in the local scene which speaks how good CARA are as a club.
The club from Congo look to be a very strong side not only sporting wise but physical, mental and spiritual with their boldness refusal to train on the Baba Yara pitch a day before the match as a mandatory stipulation by the CAF regulations and an attempt to urinate on the pitch which comes with some spiritual connotation especially when it's Africa football.
That being said, Kotoko can count on the advantage and experience of their previous victories against CARA in Africa in 1976 and 1983 to give them hopes and convince their teeming supporters that they're making it to the group stages of the competition and CARA will just be a walk over in the preliminary rounds.
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