21 Feb

PREVIEW; ADUANA STARS VS AL-TAHADDY - A tricky battle at Dormaa for both sides to make it out

This afternoon at the Nana Agyemang Badu II Park at Dormaa, Aduana Stars will welcome Al-Tahhady of Libya for the second leg of the CAF Champions League after Aduana Stars lost by a lone goal in Egypt where Al-Tahaddy of Benghazi, Libya switched camp as their home based because of political instability in Libya.
The Libyans have been in the country for almost six days today and have stationed themselves well to the weather condition in the country, although the physical instructor of Al-Tahhady has expressed his worry about the weather condition in the country and the difficulty in acclimatising to the climate changes in Ghana.
The nick and break that surrounded the arrival of Al-Tahhady in the country and their ridiculous antiques prior to this game have giving a lot of meanings to how serious and importance Al-Tahhady have attached to this game on getting a good scoreline before departing to Egypt with qualification.
Aduana Stars should hold a lot of reasons to instill the focus and motivation to the entire Aduana side to get the all relevant details to this encounter that will get them the result to progress to the next round of the competition.
Holding a one goal deficit at home and having an entire new field to their folds after a short and quick renovation of the ground, even though Aduana Stars are playing at home, the encounter look more tricky for both Aduana Stars and Al-Tahaddy as to who makes it to the next stage in a 1-0 first leg win.
Playing at home at the Dormaa Park has always remained a fortress for visiting sides and surely it will be a difficult and an intimidating grounds for Al-Tahaddy especially spending a lot of hours on the road to this game.
North African sides have always had different dimensions to approaching continental games which Al-Tahhady gave preludes of how good they are on playing around important fixtures, particularly in this game that can go any side even before the game on the field of play.
Aduana Stars, having expressed how focused and determined they are on the game, eschewing and giving little or no attention to the foreplay and dramatic arts by the Libyans, should have it a go on Al-Tahaddy at home as they've always made Dormaa Park a no go area for away teams.
With both teams having not much enriched with experience in Africa Club Competitions where taking advantage of home games counts, Aduana Stars should comfortably welcome Al-Tahaddy and produce a good game this afternoon at the Nana Agyemang Badu II park at Dormaa.
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