VENAL Nyantakyi was absolutely power corrupt - Kwabena Yeboah Featured
12 Jun

VENAL Nyantakyi was absolutely power corrupt - Kwabena Yeboah

The Sports Writer's Association of Ghana president Kwabena Yeboah believes that the former FA Boss Kwesi Nyantakyi became absolutely 'power corrupt' and was 'too complacent' by his success.
Nyantakyi was elected to office in 2005 as the country's football association president -- he qualified the Black stars to three World cups consecutively. In 2009, the Black Satellite won the U20 World cup in Egypt. Also, the Black stars 'B' won the WAFU cup last year which was hosted in Ghana.
The former Ghana FA capo was captured in Anas Aremeyaw Anas' latest video expose in an attempt to use his office to pseud.
The FIFA Executive Council member, Nyantakyi became the second most powerful person in Africa football (CAF) but have been banned for 90 days after involving in the scandalous act.
The SWAG president Kwabena Yeboah, who claimed to have helped Nyantakyi becoming the FA president thinks the latter was intoxicated but later became 'complacent and power corrupt'.
"I feel very bad for my friend and brother Kwesi Nyantakyi," Kwabena Yeboah said after watching the video.
"He (Nyantakyi) started brilliantly as a young man. I was one of those who told him to ascend the throne."
"In 2005, we did what we had to do to ensure that Nyantakyi becomes the next GFA president which I don't regret," he added. 
"Nyantakyi was doing very well under his leadership."
"But as the saying goes 'power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely'. I thought it get to a point Nyantakyi was too complacent."
"I thought he had to move on (leave office), particularly when he succeeded in becoming the second most powerful person in Africa football," he mentioned.
"I thought it no longer make sense to continue to firmly grasp the title."
By: Augustus Opoku
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