Emmanuel Agyemang Badu,The Splendor Of A Morning Sun At The Heart Of Kotoko's Defence Featured
07 Sep

Emmanuel Agyemang Badu,The Splendor Of A Morning Sun At The Heart Of Kotoko's Defence

Writing about cynosure who represent greatness doesn't cost much but rather brings out incalculable joy to wholly ink unbiased attributes on a paper. His strikingly sensational characteristics as a young defender from Phar Rangers to Ghana's most successful club Asante Kotoko are catchy, delight and stupendous.
It is soothing to have identified Emmanuel Agyemang Badu who is certainly fit to step in the big shoes of Sammy Kuffours, John Mensahs, Joe Hendricks, Issah Ahmeds, Ahmed Adams, Joe Addo's et cetera.
If anyone hold the slant that Ghana lack quality players especially defenders, then the person needs to find a precious time to gaze young workaholic defender known as"Spirito zaza" in Asante Kotoko.
Many have failed in their maiden days in Kotoko especially those from seemingly smaller clubs, by virtue of pressure, huge numbers following the team and how they demand results, but Agyemang-Badu has distorted that, and has already shown great exploits of "Kotoko-type-player".
He is phenomenally blessed with tailor measured passes, speed, shrewd interceptor of the ball and immeasurable defending prowess. He's a brave defender, who exhibits remarkable maturity on the field, well composed and confident when with the ball as a defender.
At age 18, his deeper understanding of the game called football is one beyond earthly man's comprehension. Very dynamic, mobile, creative, keeping the ball simple and very swift, at the same time with radiant ball control and dazzling tackles.
The glittering youngster has in few days in Kotoko, though not at the pinnacle of his resplendent career, etched himself into all fabulous fraternity's hearts forever.
His move to Kotoko has formed an irrepressible, world-class triangle with fellow defender Wahab Adams and goalkeeper Felix Annan making Kotoko difficult to concede.
The superlative defender, if he is able to maintain his impeccable form, will be the rock upon which Kotoko's future successes will be built because he's the backbone of a team, possessing the grit needed to do whatever it takes to prevent the other team from scoring.
Badu was born and bred in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital and that's exact vicinity he started his football career at Manchester United, a colts club in Bohyen before joining Kumasi Cornerstone.
His success emanated from way back at Okess after graduating from Bantama Methodist JHS. At Okess, the flawless youngster tipped for humongous success in future, won Ashanti Milo tournament and proceeded to beat the rest of schools in Ghana to win National Milo Soccer tournament. Unsurprisingly, his performance cushioned him to win the Best Defender.
The remarkable defender who fancy Brazilian Thiago Silver because of his calmness, composure and staggering confidence, before joining Asante Kotoko, played one season for second tier side Phar Rangers. He featured in 23 matches out of 30, chalked 10 Most Valuable Player Awards and scored 7 goals.
"Agyemang badu has a high soccer IQ and is positionally sound, meaning he can easily be shifted to the right or left and will easily adjust to it. He is very confident on the ball and has a good anticipation. He is very comfortable when the team is under pressure and that reflected in the Hearts of Oak game especially in the first half.  He reminds me of Joe Addo of the Black Stars," said Opoku Afriyie (PK), a Sports Journalist and Local Football pundit with Kumasi based Fox FM when he was quizzed about the young Kotoko defender.
"He is a very good defender. I like his timing, movement and his positional sense," Local Sports Pundit Andy Kerm added.
Football is a sport where forwards and fantasistas monopolise all personal glory but this phenomenon will be reviewed when Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu "Spirito Zaza" fully matures.
By: Sasu Danquah High Priest
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