Hearts of Oak Turn To Youth As Clubs Play Hardball Over Targeted Players Featured
23 Nov

Hearts of Oak Turn To Youth As Clubs Play Hardball Over Targeted Players

The arrival of Mark Noonan as the Managing Director of Accra Hearts of Oak has represented something of a change in policy for the club. 
So often the movers and shakers at the top end of the market, and buying players because they can, not necessarily because they need to, Mark Noonan is putting faith in the youth.
Ibrahim Sumaila, a coveted right-back for a number of clubs including a stint in Europe, but Hearts nipped in and grabbed ‘one for the future’ even though the youngster will give Fatawu Mohammed and Christopher Bonney a run for their money.
Anthony Quayson was secured some months ago and the young striker has already hit the ground running with his sublime skills and work rate. He was on target when Hearts lost 1-2 to Inter Allies on the club’s 107th anniversary.
With Winful Cobbinah out of the picture, one could’ve have been forgiven for thinking the Phobians would go straight for the most expensive replacement as was the case years ago. Whilst it’s true that Victorien Adebayo has been extensively courted, for the first time in a while Hearts will not buy at an outrageous price.
The focus on youth is certainly admirable from the club, though just how long the Hearts faithful will tolerate without any big names within remains to be seen.
Fans of the club in recent years have been accustomed to big names like Ishmael Addo, Charles Taylor, Emmanuel Osei Kuffour, Dong Bortey, Amankwah Mireku and Mahatma Otoo.
A new cycle has begun with ex- Black Stars forward Kim Grant assuming office as the new manager of the club, taking charge of steering the ship. He has to hit the ground running after the Phobians’ recent dismal performances, and he’s far more likely to do so with a team peppered with stars than those with a ‘good projection.’
Hearts are far behind their competitors, that he simply doesn’t have the time to develop the right characteristics and they hope they’re successful. The big name players bring certain guarantees from the get go, and are far more in keeping with the modern Accra Hearts of Oak.
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