Why Kwame Boahene Must Leave Asante Kotoko Featured
15 Feb

Why Kwame Boahene Must Leave Asante Kotoko

He seemed to be entering footballing middle age without anyone really noticing. It just crept up on him, and me, a little unexpectedly. It is a surprise to reach this point so soon but here we are nevertheless- another sign that game continues to move on at a remorseless pace. Time waits for no man, not even Kwame Boahene.

After joining the Porcupine Warriors from Tarkwa based Medeama SC two years ago, Boahene was touted as the next big thing to happen to Ghana football.

Living under the moniker, ‘Zambrotta’ due to his versatility alone should tell all how gifted and how expectant Ghanaians especially fans of Kotoko were but unfortunately, his stock has significantly fallen- in fact he has flattered to deceive much to the dismay of all privy to his immense talent.

In his early days at the club, Boahene became Kotoko’s main man and made a clear and noticeable impact whenever he stepped on the pitch.

His consistent splendid performances was a great portrayal of his abilities going forward in terms of passing, movement, accuracy, precision and scoring.

It didn’t take long for him to become a fan’s favourite at Kotoko, with his cool demeanour; spiky personality and, of course, talent on the field showing supporters why he was brought in.

With the passage of time, Kwame Boahene has found himself in and out of the team, unable to lock down his position. That’s not a bad thing with all the talent bubbling away next to him, but it should be well within his interest to leave the club and try his luck elsewhere to save his dying career.

He stretches defences and draws fouls; competes gamely and can pull off the odd impressive finish, but nowhere near often enough but he’s stagnated over the last few months, when he could least afford to do so.

Fundamentally he seems like a nice, well- adjusted young man who’s eager to do well. These are endearing qualities in a social sense but perhaps not a footballing one.

To play at the top and especially for a club like Asante Kotoko, a certain attitude seems to be needed, as well as the necessary talent and commitment.

A selfishness; an exaggerated sense of your own importance and an ability to shut out all negative thoughts and doubts.

This is sixth season as a professional footballer, and while injury problems and competition for places have occasionally been unkind, it feels as though he hasn’t progressed to the next phase of his career.

Circumstances have conspired against him on occasion but he’s stumbled almost unwittingly into his prime years without the mileage to show for it.

He’s a young prospect who never graduated to becoming a senior professional.

Kwame Boahene has seen very few games this term and staying at Kotoko doesn’t feel quite right. They are unlikely to ever offer him the right platform for him.

Difficult as it is to accept dropping down from the level of a big club; Boahene needs to embrace a more central role at a smaller club.

He’s peripheral for far too long now. Being on the fringes of a big team is one thing, taking responsibility at a small club quite another.

Kwame Boahene needs to find out what he’s truly made of and make good use of it.

By: Godfred Budu Yeboah @budu_godfred on twitter

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