Lateef writes: A Friendly Advice To Asante Kotoko Captain Featured
11 Apr

Lateef writes: A Friendly Advice To Asante Kotoko Captain

One player who doesn't like criticism is Asante Kotoko captain, Amos Frimpong. In fact, Amos Frimpong is allergic to constructive criticisms meant to put him on his toes and make him a better player.

Anytime an error is spotted on this fine footballer and he's criticized, either his managers or himself will react in an obscure way to ward you off speaking about the him.
I am one person who's spoken vehemently on Amos Frimpong as a right/left back for Asante Kotoko. For me, I think he is a bad right/left back player. His lovers and himself will deny that but it is the obvious.
As a central defender, he's equal to or even better than most of the center backs we hoist in this country. Let us not massage issues/truth.
Just watch Augustine Sefah as a right back and equate it to that of Amos Frimpong and you'll see how the latter is dilapidated to the lateral back position.
In Asante Kotoko's recent Africa campaign, we couldn't keep a clean sheet in our games here except that one against Nkana FC which Amos Frimpong didn't play because most of the goals we conceded were from his position.
Since the Normalization Committee Special Competition started, Amos Frimpong has played all four games for Asante Kotoko as a central defender and he's been top notch for the club. Kotoko have conceded one goal (against Medeama from a penalty).
That doesn't mean to say his partner, Abdul Ganiyu Ismael isn't contributing anything to the intrepid defense of the club but the control, solidity and leadership he gives the team at the heart of defense has given the club extra confidence and purpose in play at the back.
It is true that Amos is not much of a talented footballer who's blessed with plethora of repertoire in the game but mainly relies on his hard work and determination to achieve something monumental in the game. That puts him and exposes his lapses as a footballer when playing at the right back position which needs much dexterity which he lacks.
But for central defense, Amos Frimpong has that qualities to churn out results and produce a far better performance with his hard work and robust type of a player.
Amos Frimpong is always a Central Defender and cannot be a good Right or Left Back.
This is only an advice.
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