JOHN TEDEKU: Meet WAFA’s 18-year-old Jewel Destined For Stardom Featured
12 Feb

JOHN TEDEKU: Meet WAFA’s 18-year-old Jewel Destined For Stardom

West African Football Academy is a topflight club in Ghana. It isn’t the most popular club in Ghana; it may not be a club with an avalanche of silverware but when it comes to producing talents who have carved a niche for themselves as far Ghana’s football is concerned, they stand among the giants.

The club can boast of producing talents at all levels of the country’s men national teams. Few clubs have been blessed with the number of exceptional players that have played for the Dansoman based club over the last decades. They are very adept at snapping up talented youngsters and developing them into fully fledged stars under their wing.
The likes of Jordan Opoku, Philemon McCarthy, Harrison Afful, Samuel Tetteh, Majeed Ashimeru, Aminu Mohammed just to mention but a few are all products of the fame academy. 
As the motherlode of talents, hardly a year passes by without a new star emerging from the club. The present generation has loads of these talents but one that has consistently stolen all the attention and plaudits is John Tedeku.
Born in Dansoman, a suburb of Accra, his talent was visible in his formative years as he was always seen playing keepy-uppy to and from school. Many who saw him those periods never doubted his ability but prayed he would play to the highest level one day.
“I have seen and read about a lot of talented footballers who could not reach the level expected of them. Some of the factors that led to this failure could partly be blamed on the clubs they joined in the early stages of their footballing career. I didn’t want to tow that line, hence my decision to join WAFA.” He quipped
At just 18, Tedeku has already drawn comparisons with Bayern Munich and Austrian legend, David Alaba. As with most full-backs, Tedeku surges forward very well not forgetting his defensive duties. His crosses are top-notch. 
He provides hard running, solid positioning and astute awareness without the ball, working aggressively to make opposition attackers sweat. Tedeku is always searching for a forward pass to open up an opponent. 
His verve and creativity has won him much admiration from all who have seen him play. When assigned to a defensive midfield role, he becomes a conductor and makes his team tick- he rarely gives the ball away and a good passer of the ball- but doesn’t just pass sideways. He’s a very good tackler and hardly commits fouls.
One of the certainties when watching him play is that his shirt will, come the final whistle, be drenched in sweat, the results of a game spent harrying the opposition and driving forward assertively with the ball at his feet. 
Despite his small size and always playing against experienced and stronger opponents, Tedeku is never intimidated is gradually becoming the club’s poster boy with his spellbindly consistent performances.
It has always been John Tedeku’s dream to play for any of the country’s juvenile teams. Though, yet to be recognised by the technical handlers of the juvenile national teams, he believes that dream will soon come to pass.
"There is no bigger honour and dream than donning the colours of your motherland and protecting ‘her’ image. It’s everything.” “I am ready to rub shoulders with the other players and pray I am granted the rare opportunity to realise my dream of playing for my motherland.”
Should he continue with his splendid displays and work on his upper body, it won’t be long for the world to hear of his amazing talent which would of course drum home a lot of potential suitors- locally and internationally.
It’s hard to imagine WAFA holding off and not succumbing to the pressure.
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