William Amamoo Launches Foundation to support needy Ghanaians Featured
30 May

William Amamoo Launches Foundation to support needy Ghanaians

Everything in the world seems so insignificant now, but there will be a time (though it's unclear when) everything is back to normal. These are indeed trying times and our humanity is being tested.

As regards, former Ghana goalkeeper William Amamoo has launched the 'Black Panther Foundation' to support needy Ghanains during these turbulent and tumultuous times.
The Foundation among other things seeks to provide scholarships to needy but brilliant students right from the Senior High School to the Tertiary and also support needy Ghanains in dire need most importantly retired footballers.
Presently, the foundation is catering for the medical bills of for international, Agyemang 'Rambo' Duah who has been battling stroke for years now.
Inspired by the vision of his late dad, E.Y. Amamoo and former goalie, Ibrahim Dossey, Amamoo is bent on reaching out a lot of Ghanaians in the future.
" These are miserable times for humanity. A lot of businesses have collapsed, people have lost their jobs and can no longer fend for their family. Our humanity is really being put to test." He told kickgh.com
"It was my late father's dream to support needy but brilliant student to the tertiary. I want to fulfill his dream. My foundation is currently helping a lot of people in the country (Ghana) and I am most particular about retired footballers who are maimed and are in dire need." He quipped
"It's our duty and collective responsibility to stand with the poor and the needy in the society. I am where I am today because someone lent me a helping hand, pushed me and encouraged me to soldier on regardless of the challenges. It is just right that we do same to the generation that comes after us. I am glad and thankful that I can help save life and give the hopeless hope. It is really fulfilling and refreshing!"
Amamoo it will be recalled played for local sides Liberty Professionals, Dawu Youngsters and Heart of Lions  before embarking on a career abroad that saw him play in Romania, Egypt and Sweden and Israel and was in post for the Black Stars in friendly against Australia in 2008.
He is currently the head of goalkeeper's department at Gefle IG and also the head of goalkeeper's department at Niu; National Youth Football Development (males&females) in Gastrikland, Sweden.
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