NEW ERA: Hearts of Oak to unveil new logo Featured
11 Jul

NEW ERA: Hearts of Oak to unveil new logo

The Rainbow club will be unveiling their new logo in the coming days, according to the club's Chief Executive Officer.
Accra Hearts of Oak chief executive officer, Mark Noonan has confirmed that the club's new logo and jerseys will be unveiled soon.
According to him, Hearts of Oak will be using new kits in the second round of the Ghana Premier League with a modern design to replace their iconic crest.
Hearts of Oak have used their iconic crest with the Oak tree and their colours - Red, Yellow, Blue and Green - since 1911.
"We busily working to make our club more attractive and one is a kit sponsor, another is a kit supplier and the third thing we are working on which is a new identity for the club, is a new badge (crest)", Noonan told Fox FM
"We've hired a new company for the kits and mostly a new kit supplier will also be able to introduce a new badge (Crest) and a new identity that I think will get our supporters really excited,"
"We won't forget where we come from but, if you look at all the major clubs across the the world, everybody, from Juventus, Arsenal, Liverpool or Man City,"
He added "They've all done things to remake their identity particularly because in many years with fans of consuming media content through a very small screen that helps at hand, we are looking to do that update and we want to do that I will say over the next four weeks or so" understand that Hearts of Oak will announce their new kit sponsor and crest next month.
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