GOOD BYE: I will not return to Aduana Stars again - Elvis Opoku Featured
21 Sep

GOOD BYE: I will not return to Aduana Stars again - Elvis Opoku

The midfield enforcer says he is ready to terminate his contract with the 2016/17 Ghana Premier League champions.
Aduana Stars midfielder Elvis Opoku has threatened not to return to the club after their one month break due to the club's management poor treatment.
The 23-year-old wants his current contract with the Dormaa-based club to be terminated as he feels disappointed after his switch to abroad was blocked.
Opoku signed a new three-year deal with the Dormaa-based club prior to the start of the 2017/18 Ghana Premier League season.
"The Aduana management style of managing is terrible. Very terrible. They don’t manage players well. Injured players like Hafiz Adams and Anokye Badu are left on their own to heal themselves. No one even calls them to wish them well.” Opoku told Nhyira FM.
“It is very bad. Things are really horrible at the club. Even there are players of Aduana Stars without accommodation. Some of them have to beg other players in order to stay with them because they have no lodgement of their own..”
“For instance there is this player the club signed who had to stay with me in my room for sometime. Because there was no accommodation provided by the club”
“Players’ welfare at Dormaa is worse. Not all the players are treated well. Some are treated well but others are neglected.”
“I am in  the club and know what is happening there. For me I want my contract canceled. I have two seasons left but I won’t go back” Elvis lamented.
“We were promised land by the Chief for winning the league but no one has received any land as at now. There is nothing.”
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