FEATURE: Kotoko to Africa; let's ride on unity Featured
07 Nov

FEATURE: Kotoko to Africa; let's ride on unity

Preparations towards the 2018/19 CAF inter club competition have vehemently commenced by Asante Kotoko SC in order to make their presence hugely felt by the rest of the countries within the confederation. 
The management of the red side after declaring their intention to feature in Confederation Cup competition have secured eleven (11) quality players to augment the already existing squad to aid them to explicitly perform well beyond their previous performances.
However, for the Porcupine Warriors to fully participate meaningfully in the Africa Confederation's Cup, it is certainly needful for the rank and file of the club to come together to out dare the odds to achieve the target they have set.
It is time for the Kotoko fraternity after so many years of failures in the continent, box themselves in unity, spirit of tenacity and perseverance to fray for their lost glories.
Various supporters leaders, as a matter of necessity, should meet the management to draw the roadmap to Africa. Of course, they should also right the wrongs of the previous seasons as to what has retarded the progress of the club in Africa.
Many football pundits hold the opinion that since there is no competitive football, Kotoko should not have pushed themselves and again, lack the quality to fight for the trophy but the management team think otherwise.
Inasmuch as it is incumbent upon the players to reasonably give their very best, as a young football writer and pundit, I hold the slant that the onus probandi somewhat lies on the shoulders of the vociferous supporters of the club to frantically push the club forward.
Supporters, ostensibly, have become major stakeholders in football not necessary donating to the team but pivot in ensuring that a club wins a particular match whether that team has quality or not.
Last season, I was overwhelmed about the attitude of Liverpool fans at Anfield when they locked horns with  Manchester City in the Champions league. Many, including myself thought Manchester City had what it takes to urge out Liverpool but it turned otherwise thanks to the vociferous supporters of the club. They really exhibited 101% support before and during the game.
True football fans describe themselves as the 'twelve man' as essential to the success of the team as the players and coaching staff. It is the actions performed by fans during the game, the ritual chants, songs, banner waving, etc , that motivates the team, intimidate the opposition players and perhaps even influences referees' decisions.
Strength, practically speaking, underlies unity, and whenever people act in unison with one another, their strength increases thousands fold. The importance of unity can never be overrated. Little drops of water make the mighty occean and little drops of sand make this vast world. The thin fibres of flax, when twisted together into a rope, can control a mad elephant.
Objectively, Kotoko has assembled the best crop of players and with unflinching and indefatigable support from the teaming supporters they can intently bring joy.
The management is targeting to conquer the rest of Africa in the shortest possible time, and since they are working assiduously, I think with patience, hard work and right approach they will appreciate that daunting task.
I am one of the few people who believe Charles Kwablan Akonnor's technical ingenuity will see Kotoko through to the group stage of the competition.
With the likes of flamboyant striker Yacouba Songnè, Felix Annan, Emmanuel Gyamfi, Kwame Boahene, Martin Antwi, Maxwell Baako, Naby Keita, Emmanuel Agyemang Badu et cetera group stage is highly assured.
By: Sasu Danquah High Priest
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