Michael Sefah: Meet Liberty Professionals’ Mr. Versatile Who Could Be Ghana’s Next Big Thing Featured
29 Nov

Michael Sefah: Meet Liberty Professionals’ Mr. Versatile Who Could Be Ghana’s Next Big Thing

Michael Sefah has been enormous since his arrival at the club with his fighting spirit, energy and ferocity in midfield/defence embodying his manager’s philosophy brilliantly. As ever, the versatile Sefa is always seen setting the tone beautifully for his side, flying into tackles, pressing relentlessly and tracking back doggedly, as his physicality unsettles the opponents.

Sefah is a typical box-to-box midfielder with terrific energy. He sets a high tempo with his voracious work ethic and enthusiasm. He’s a good passer of the ball, loves shooting from long ranges and dribbles when necessary. While blessed with plenty of technical and attacking qualities, he does not eschew defensive tasks. With his permeating driving runs, slick passes and discipline, the youngster has already drawn comparison with Ghana legend Michael Essien.
Funnily enough, Michael Sefa idolises Michael Essien and hopes to emulate his good works and carve a niche for himself in association football. “Essien is my idol. I really want to be like him. A lot of people say my style is reminiscent of his and that excites me a lot. He went through strings of frustrating, injuries and difficult times in career but any time he made a return onto the pitch, he reminded everyone of his quality. He was one of the best box-to-box midfielders in his generation.” He told kickgh.com
Frankly, apart from wearing a tough resilient character, there is a spark of Michael Essien in the way he moves and what he can do with the ball. At no point in his short career has he shown any fear or doubt in his capabilities. However, to get anywhere near where the famous Ghanaian’s level, he will have to work hard and continue his development. Creative and dynamic at the same time with good ball control, he possesses all the ingredients to become a complete and quality player.
Born in Ashaiman, his talent like many Ghanaian footballers developed on the street. The quickness of mind, nimbleness of foot, the agility and perfect balance and taut which characterises his play now was actually visible in his early years. The 23-year-old started his career as a footballer with Blessing Soccer Academy, a colts club in Ghana’s capital before joining South Africa’s Stars Academy where his exploits attracted several suitors but it was Stade Migoveen of Gabon that won the race for his signature.
He was with the Gabonese second tier side for half season helping them gain promotion to the top-flight before switching camp to AS Pelican, also in the Gabonese top-flight with whom he stayed with for three seasons before returning to Ghana to relaunch his career with Liberty Professionals last season and was instrumental for the Dansoman based club in the Normalisation Committee Special Competition.
After spending almost 4 seasons in Gabon and a season in Ghana, Sefa looks mature, adding a greater sharp physical edge and leadership quality to his burgeoning quality. “I think I’m mature now. I look fit and my knowledge, understanding and interpretation of the game and how to launch a subsequent assault response has increased.” 
He has since become an integral member of Reginald Asante’s side featuring in all the games the club played and is gradually becoming a cult-hero at the club.  “It’s not easy to just walk into any team and command a starting berth especially when the team is made of young and talented players with exceptional prowess.”
Sefah plays as a volante and occasionally assigned a centre-back (as is the case of Liberty Professionals) role to minimise the beatings meted to his teammates. His resolve is matched by his acute sensibility in defensive situations. 
His awareness of when to close down and strip the ball from opponents is impressive, as his speed in covering ground to instigate his team’s pressing. He’s always searching for a forward pass to open up an opponent. 
He’s strong and good in the air, making him a capable all-rounder for his position. He excellently combines sound defending with forward raids, Sefah ticks all boxes.
In an attack focused modern game, elite defensive midfielders are becoming increasingly hard to find. Liberty Professionals should be thankful they have one of the good ones and arguably one of the best in the local league.
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