29 May

Rise Sports Foundation Ignite Smiles Among the Deprived Pra Babies

Ghana’s version of development of football from the grass root seems to take place only in the cities and some towns. Have we for once ‘wasted’ a moment how these small villages go about the same process with the idea of feeding the elite divisions with well-developed footballers? Perhaps not.

Rise Sports Foundation can answer surely Yes as the crew, alongside some journalists were bombarded with depravity and hardship in a small village called, Atwerenboanda, a nearby town to Shama.
With the target of embodying sporting and personal excellence through football in Ghana by enhancing juvenile participants to enjoy football and perform at their best at all time – Rise Sports Foundation embarked on their maiden donation exercise with a very huge support from John Antwi.
The former Accra Hearts of Oak, Sekondi Eleven Wise and Dreams Football Club attacker currently playing for Egyptian topflight side El Makassa as a loaner from Al Ahly aided the donation with a wholesome amount to produce ball boots, bags and hoses for Pra Babies, a colt club.
However, during the donation exercise, the crew from Rise Sports Foundation and all who witnessed the event realized that Pra Babies are depravity is goes beyond the generosity received, the sense of rise to prominent by any of the 28 players in both the Under 15 and 17 could easily have his dream cut short due to some basic needs which isn’t a problem in the cities and some towns.
The 28 players had only a ball to train with, empty plastic water bottles are the alternative for cones and disc, net-less poles and a usual sandy pitch among other challenges still staring at them.
The founder of Pra Babies, Roland Fiifi Ackon expressed his gratitude and revealed how they battle with preparation for an away game – “it’s a colorful event in the minds of these kids, we are very grateful. But we will wish you come our aid next time and this won’t be the last.
“We find it very difficult to even travel and these kids support management. After working from their farms and weighing their palm fruits, they support management with GHS 2.00 and GHS 1.00 before we can travel for away games.” – Roland Fiifi Ackon ended
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