21 Jan

Skyy FC official maltreat Journalist at Daboase Park

An official of Skyy FC who was tasked to inspect ticket at the VIP section during their friendly game against Accra Hearts of Oak maltreated Spice FM's reporter, Francis Hema.

Francis Hema earlier on posted on his Facebook timeline that he had left the venue after barely 20 minutes into the game and cited his reason for leaving the venue as maltreatment by an official of the club.

He afterwards narrated the whole incidence hours after the game.

"So this was what happened at Daboase Saint Martins Park. "As I posted earlier, I was maltreated by one man who inspected tickets at the VIP section during the game. According to checks, his name is Mr. Assumanin." Hema said.

"A tent was allocated for the media with limited seats and just before the start of the game, fans had taken over that place, so the PRO told us to sit at the VIP section to cover the game. This man I spoke about earlier started inspecting tickets at the VIP section and some of my colleague were allowed to sit there to cover game but I was told to leave in a harsh way," he added.

"I asked where I should go since I'm forced out and the man directed me to the media stands which is the tent I said the supporters had taken over so I told him to make arrangements for the guys to be sacked from there because it supposed to be a place for the media not the fans and he quickly asked me if I am more human than those standing there. I tried explaining my duty there but this man was all over making noise and even threatened to slap me in the process, so I had to leave because I wasn't safe," he continued.

"Don't get it twisted, I was given a special accreditation for the game. The two pictures beneath is the stands for the media and my accreditation."

"Club officials are fond of doing that when they host either of the two big giants in Ghana Football. It is bad, let's all try to do the right thing since we are normalising the structures."

"I love Ghana Football!" he posted on Facebook

Hearts of Oak won the game by 2-1.

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