12 Aug

GoldenEd Foundation seek for Government support

Ghanaian based non-profit organization GoldenEd Foundation with a branch in Connecticut, USA is seeking government and corporate Ghana support.

GoldenEd was incorporated on 13th June 2019 with a vision of supporting and developing Ghanaian youth education. 
Its mission is to provide educational support to the underprivileged children in rural communities in Ghana.
 Also, with the objective to decrease school absence, and increase the retention and completion rate at the primary and junior high school level.
GoldenEd partners with select schools in the sixteen regions in Ghana and coordinates donations of school supplies, classroom materials, tuition fees, and nutritious lunch/snacks.  
"We also work with the schools to obtain soccer equipment to keep students engaged in extracurricular activities." Founder Mr. Daniel Amo said.
"In May, we worked with Villanova University to donate Villanova jerseys to four of our partner schools in the Central Region."
"Our goal for the next six months, as an organization, is to fundraise and coordinate with schools in America to provide school supplies and classroom materials for our partner schools in the next school year." We also have plans to partner with schools in the Northern Region. 
"We are also coordinating with educational institutes in the United States to provide our partner schools with volunteer teachers and students throughout the school year."
"As our organization is in its infancy, we are asking the state and the government to help us identify the schools in Ghana with the most needs and also provide us with interns to join our staff."
"We will be seeking partnerships with business owners who believe in investing in Ghana's youth education in the hope that Ghana’s next generation will make solid, educated life decisions."
GoldenEd Foundation’s uniqueness derives from its products and networking. 
According to GoldenEd Foundation, they are using their broad resources and networks to provide basic but essential and fundamental learning tools for Ghana’s next generation.
Website: www.goldenedfoundation.org 
Instagram & Facebook: @goldenedfoundation
Twitter: @goldened_f


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