FEATURE: UMAR MOHAMMED - Ghana's found Messi, set for greatness Featured
10 Oct

FEATURE: UMAR MOHAMMED - Ghana's found Messi, set for greatness

Talents are in abundance but the real ones are those that are visibly prejudged to reach the acme in their field in a matter of time.
Ghana is abound with raw talent and they keep popping up like a bowl of ants oozing out of their shelve in an old sand.
Umar Mohammed comes in as one talent that should be watched with keen interest in the next years with his plethora of football abilities and dexterities.
At the age of 16, the young supremo is full of experience at top level football in the country after being registered by Tudu Mighty Jet in the second tier football in the country last year.
The left footed attacker is blessed with unsparing sweet dribbling repertoire with his strength and ability to fall behind to start an attack makes him being likened to Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona and Argentina.
Just as and when Umar Mohammed "Messi" was left out of the National U-17 team that went to Niger in September because of a diagnosed ailment just when the team enplaned for the tournament, the cultured left footed is continuing climbing the ladder of football with orgasmic speed with his local club.
Tipped to be a full national asset in the next three to four years time, Umar Mohammed's style of play will come beneficial at any national team level.
As he steadily progresses from the football ranks at this tender age, maturity is all that Umar Mohammed needs to add to his raw talent by keeping his consistency at club level.
Ghanaian clubs who are wary of starting a very solid youth side can find solace in some rare qualities around, and those that are marred out by this young footballer, can easily make the trajectory into any club's senior side at any point in time and command a starting role.
As has become a daylight norm, the qualities that Umar Mohammed bosses will be tickled by continuing his career in Europe where he will be getting the facilities to development his talent and career.
The repertoires that he possesses are equally those that are wanted by top level clubs everywhere in the world and Umar Mohammed is bound to greatness should he be guided well.
The world must see this 16-year-old genius and must be kept in mind from now. Should he rise to marvel the world of football in the foreseeable future, should not come as a surprise to anyone.
Umar Mohammed "Messi", Ghana's found Lionel Messi.
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