07 May

How does new player acquisition affect a team’s performance?

When we hear about a team getting a new member, it is usually very exciting as they are able to bring in a completely different set of skills. Sometimes, the acquisition is so large that people completely lose their minds, believing that the team will become unstoppable.

This was exactly what happened when Juventus got Christiano Ronaldo last year.
But how does the acquisition of a new member affect the team as a whole? Do they become.more effective or do they start to rely on their top players even more? Let’s find out.
What do people think?
Most people believe is that new players benefit the team’s collaboration in the long-run as well as short-term. The inclusion of a new face brings in a whole new atmosphere behind the curtains, which is essential for the players to collaborate.
It has actually been proven that the friendlier football players are towards each other, the more effective they can bring to the field. However, there are some experts that disagree.
According to some experts from mightytips.com, the predictions for teams that got a new player usually go south. There are several reasons these people use to justify their claims. For example, one of them is the fact that the team just does not know the person well enough.
Due to a lack of personal connection, it is very hard for veteran team players to trust a complete newbie, even if they have several years of experience under their belt.
When it comes to attacking the opponent, attackers tend to collaborate with a more familiar face rather than a newly added player. This is due to trust issues. 
Not having seen them in action during an actual match, creates this sense of untrustworthiness for the player. They’d much rather pass the ball to a player they’ve known for quite some time and have seen them perform during a match alongside them.
It is safe to believe that most football clubs have similar strategies when going into a game, but everybody tries to make their original and a counter to what the opponent may field. 
Therefore, countless hours of designing the best strategy and then drilling it to the players to become a Club speciality.
A new player that has no idea about the strategy usually struggles to catch up and understand it as much as older players do.
The experience of actually using the strategy during a match is what keeps the old players a step ahead of the new one. Therefore it is expected for the first couple of matches, for the new player to lag behind the others and just observe.
Overall, the fan base is evenly split. Most people believe that the effectiveness of the team is not affected by a new member, but there are some psychology experts that try to prove it
All in all, it comes down to the behind the curtains actions of a team. If the team is not able to bond with the new member well, it is expected that their performance will go downhill.
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